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For Lampe Berger, Ashleigh & Burwood and all stone burner lamps

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Do not overfill your lamp. Most problems are caused by overfilling. For best results your lamp should be no more than half full of fragrance.


After lighting wait for 2 minutes before blowing out the flame. This allows the stone to get to the required heat to keep burning.


Always fit the snuffer cap when the lamp is not in use. Failure to do this will allow the solvent to evaporate leaving the scent behind which can clog the stone.


Stones will inevitably become clogged from time to time. If your lamp becomes hard to light or will not keep going a clogged stone is usually the cause.  The manufacturers recommend burning unscented oil after every 20 hours use to clean the stone. 100-150ml should be sufficient.


If your stone becomes severely blocked it can be removed and fully submersed in unscented oil for 24 hours. Then burn at least 100ml of unscented oil before using scents again.


If your lamp smokes slightly when first lit it is just the remnants of the scent burning off from the previous use.


This fuel is only for use in catalytic (stone burner) type lamps. It is highly flammable and suitable care and precautions should be taken.



Hints & Tips for safe and trouble free use of your lamp